Not a Cheeky Monkey edit but features tons of riders that have appeared in our videos in the past.

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*** Just What the hell is Ride On BMX about? ***
So Ride On was started when I got back on my bike at 41 and found that the social media world of BMX for the over 40’s was dominated by “Old School Collectors” type pages. Surely we can do better than this.

So Ride On was started to give real riders in their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond a voice, and to show that the true spirit of BMX in older dudes was not dead yet!!

Riding BMX into middle age is amazing but not without its challenges (like finding time and not falling to bits) so the idea is to share photos, video and posts that will hopefully motivate and inspire others out there.

We want to keep the page about riding. Simple as that. More importantly YOUR riding, whatever level you are at.

If you’ve just started again then you rule.
If you’ve never stopped then you totally rule.
If you are thinking of starting again then you WILL rule!

So keep posting your stuff cause we love it.

Ride On.

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